Friday, September 16, 2016

Who are you? A few things about personal branding

       What do they say about you when you are not in the room? What is your name associated with? Who are you? How do others see you? What can you offer?

        In the lively competition of 21st century this questions couldn’t be ignored. “Let the business introduce you” is still relevant, but the appearance also needs some knowledge. So, start thinking about who we are, who we want to be and what we should do for it, this means we should develop our personal branding plan.
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         If you at least once have called and said – “hello, we are starting a new, interesting project and you are the one who we definitely need, so can we meet” it doesn’t matter how will the meeting be finished, the main thing is already clear, you made the basis of creation your personal branding and one can say, first floor is already built.

         Everything is path as in case of branding product. Some years ago I have heard very interesting example on the training about branding, which is always on the top of my mind. The director of one of the international advertising company in America received a call from London and was said that they will cancel the contract with him. This was so important that the director of company boarded a plane and flew to London himself. The only questions he asked to co-workers were: why they were canceling the contract? They answered that they don’t like the plan of showing advertisements on TV. And here the most interesting is started. The director asked who was the most professional specialist in this field? The answer of this question is the most important one. Are you a well-known professional of your field? The history has ended the director personally called the recommended manager and suggested that kind of conditions after which he took all his table items and moved to his company. As a result, they retained both the best manager and the order. However, until we will be remembered to the question of who is the best, we should make our personal brand.

           Unlike the last century, today it is much more easily. We live in the era of modern technology. We can attract the attention even by social networks, can meet people that we didn’t ever meet and nothing connected us. In short, the task is simplified, but at the same time it is not so easy as it seems at first sight. Social networks and other advanced technologies are available to everyone, so it is necessary to act correctly, to introduce ourselves properly in our business circle and attract the needed attention, and as it can be said in marketing language, to inform the needed recipient about our brand.

           To manage public opinion about us, it is necessary to carry out a few rules:

Rule 1. Define your goal. Specify what you want to achieve. For example – I want to become the best project manager in the energy sector or the best advertising creative director.

Rule 2: Who is your concurrent? Think about who are the most famous and influential in your area. Analyze what are they gone through and what you can learn from them.

Rule 3: Define your field. Who are the people who can take part in your success? Who should know you and who is your target audience. What is also important for them to know about us.

Rule 4: All the details are important. Styles of dress, behavior, even the hairstyle creates a certain association about us. Form, which adjective you want to be associated with. What should be said about you – smart, serious, purposeful, or just funny and good person. Also become interested how people accept you today. How big is the difference between you and the person you want to become? What should you change and why?

Rule 5: Manage your own image. Be proactive and try your every message that is running to become special and to make a personal branding strengthening. Pay attention to how you use social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc). Don’t full the wall with Oscar’s or other similar information containing links, when your goal is to become a well-known manager of strategic projects. Do not confuse the public.

              And finally, follow the golden mean when you succeed. This time is started the most difficult period in which we should try to keep the public’s interest to us for as much longer as we can. But that’s the statement of another article, which we’ll discuss later.

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