Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to find the ideal job?

            Does the ideal job exist? I’m sure the answer to this question will be that ideal is the job where we have a good salary, good manager, good team, good company good office and a good business.

            Perhaps, we often say “Wow” when we hear that our friend started working in a “good company” and has a bigger salary than ours. Some career (position and business) is very attractive – we also want to become managers or directors and manage others (we think that managing others is easier than doing the job), always describe what is the career of our dreams, even when we are already working and have a quite good job. We often dream about how we leave the current one and start the new, good job, where there is a very good manager and we are doing a lot of important things.

            Why are we constantly searching for the ideal job? Why do we that we don’t have it and it must be searched? And why don’t we like the environment or the business that we are doing now?

            In my opinion, the process of searching the “perfect job” is the reason of our imagination. When we are searching for perfect job, we are in the situation of “everything or nothing”, where the manager, business, office, computer and table are “perfect” and in case of at least one discrepancy we don’t want it. The reality is different and we forget that we will have the head everywhere, which will ask about doing activities that we were not dreaming about; we will meet managers everywhere, that won’t be satisfied with the things we made and will give us a note; we will meet the team, where someone is a “strange” person and can say something that is not interesting for us; everywhere we will have to do some things in the limited time and etc. This circumstance is invariable, even when we are working as a head and management is our role.

            There is no job, where our task will not be doing the business in the way our manager wants, the way that team wants, the way that company and its clients want. Proving four level expectations works against ideal job, but this is the kind of reality.

            Finding ideal job is real, in case if we learn to ensure our expectations and reality. Every job is a deal, “economy relationship”, where we know what we are getting instead of our business and the company knows what it should get from us.

            We often think that good job is where returns are high – certainly, high salary is a good thing, but if the business is that we don’t want to make, we are still searching for a new job. What should we give and take in “perfect condition”, is undoubtedly related with our private and individual goal – who we want to be in this life. When we don’t know what we want, it will be difficult to find perfect job.

            In my opinion, ideal is the job where we are doing things that we love. Therefore while searching perfect job we should analyze and observe what kind of job is offered, will it be interesting and do we want to make this business.

            This case is important, because the result of the job creates high motivation. Manager, team and company are just circumstances that will meet us everywhere. It is known that people leave their managers, but not the business, this case works for us, because we know what we want and rightly say how the manager has interfered us, so next time we will be more focused on our search.

            We need to know what we should be, and what we should do to establish our place in society, business or our own home. Unfortunately, many of us didn’t even think that we are responsible for ourselves, family members and society (even friends). If our goal is vague, it is hard to find ideal work and reach the perfect condition, which will become even more unattainable.

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