Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to write a cover letter?

            Cover letter is often asked to send the job application. “Cover letter” is the English name of motivation letter.  The cover letter in confirmation process is as important as the CV. Writing a cover letter seems difficult, but it’s very easy if you observe a few simple rules and enough time for it, we will understand that it is very simple and useful work to do.

            Normally, the cover letter is attached to our resume and that’s why it should include more useful information in order to be a summary and not a duplicate of CV. The goal of cover letter is to add facts about you to resume consisted of dry data.

            A cover letter is often addressed to your potential employer, so you are given a chance to make a first positive impression on him.

            First of all, we should remember that we should write a different cover letter to each job application. If we won’t waste enough time and attention on cover letter, regardless of your experience, you could not reach the list of interview candidates.
            What is the difference between cover letter and a resume?
            Summary of facts and answers to the questions – who, what, where, when and how. At this time a cover letter is explaining why you fit into a certain position. Your cover letter is the best way to answer questions and provide information about the person, the employer learns what is your motivation for the proposed work, and how does your experience and skills correspond for the vacancy.
            Cover letter helps you to “sale” your qualifications and it is possible to verify this information in your CV. Both the cover letter and resume have the same goal, to present you as a good candidate for the vacancy.

            What kind of contain does the cover letter include?
            Cover letter consists of several paragraphs, in which you describe your qualifications and tell the employer why you are interested in this position. The letter must convince the employer that your candidacy is interesting and necessary to meet. A successful cover letter usually becomes the basis of the interview.

            The letter begins with a date, your contact information, where you write your name, surname, position and telephone number. If you know, who you are writing to, greeting is very important, if you know the name of those who you are writing to, begin the letter like Mrs. __ , if you don’t know the identity of the recipient, then you can write – To authorized person.
            The first paragraph of the letter should contain information about why you are writing this letter. Definitely mention the position you are applying to. The second paragraph should describe what you offer an employer.  Connect your job experience and requirements. Tell about your experience and specific skills, which corresponds to the vacancy. Use the list format, which will allow the reader to quickly look at the letter and get the necessary information. The last paragraph of your cover letter is the final part, where you will thank an employer for your consideration, and mention your wish to meet and get a firsthand look. We fulfill the letter with traditional respect, your first and last name.
            HR managers are introducing to more than 100 resumes and cover letters per day. Easy to imagine how little time is given to each of them. Attention is paying only at those documents, which are fully drawn and conveys the necessary information. It is not accepted to send the documentation with grammatical and spelling errors. Most employers are not considering the candidates whose records are not interesting for them at first sight. The first impression of your cover letter is often the basis for later stage, so don’t put in time and prepare the suitable cover later for your qualifications.

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