Saturday, October 8, 2016

Smile, today is Monday!

     Today is Monday – the first day of the working week. The days off are over and we’re back to our jobs. “Monday is a hard day!”, “we will start from Monday”, “on Monday we will fix”. We relate the first day of the week to the big changes, but mostly it is associated to the stress and unpleasant emotions. If coming Monday is not motivating you and does not fill you with fun, it means that there are specific reasons for it.

Insource suggests some tips to make Monday less stressful and more likely:

Identify issues.
If Monday always raises bad associations, it is not a joke, it means that you are not happy with your job and you need to make some changes on your current place or find the other job. First of all, ask yourself what irritates you most about your job. “Bad workplace, unwanted relations, Monday’s meeting with your boss, or even not interesting job”. If you will find a particular cause and will try to neutralize it, then your opinion about Mondays will become more positive.

Get ready for Monday on Friday.
Try to complete doing all the unpleasant tasks on Friday afternoon, to start the week with new, interesting work.

Compile the list of the most interesting and enjoyable works for you.
On the Sunday evening write down 3tasks which you would like to do next week. If it will be hard to come up with such kind of tasks, better look for another job.

Stop everything that is connected with work on the weekends.
Try not to think about work on the weekend. Don’t check your e-mail or other messages. Leave all your problems at work while leaving the office on Friday and try to concentrate on leisure and entertainment.

Sleep normally and get up earlier than always.
Try to go to bed earlier on Sunday evening, to get up more relaxed on Monday morning. Set the alarm clock for 15minutes or half an hour earlier. Try to spend more time on yourself, have a good breakfast, train or maybe walk with your dog. The fast pace of the cases will make even more tensions on the first morning of the week.

Dress up beautifully on Monday.
Put on your favorite, new clothes on Monday. This will help you to be more confident, and the compliments, received in office will improve your mood.
They say that when you look good, you feel better.

Be positive.
Start Monday thinking about positive themes related to your job. Listen to your favorite music on your way to work, which will give you more energy. You can also make a special morning compositions list. When you arrive at work, try to complain less and also don’t pay attention to others’ remarks about heavy Monday. It is known that making anyone else feel good, makes you feel good too, so, try to compliment your colleagues, make something useful for your client, because people’s good mood will have a positive impact on you.

Make a light work list for Monday.
Just because Monday is often a busy day at the office, try not to fill it with variety of other activities. For example, when you are planning a meeting for the next week, plan it on Tuesday or Wednesday, this will help you to move easily the day after weekend.
Don’t start the Monday with the hardest and biggest business, first of all, try to do the easily activities and quickly-doing tasks, this will give you more energy for the further work.

Have fun at work.
Do the things that will give you pleasure. For example, invite your colleagues to donuts and share the weekend news to each other. The planed lunch or coffee break with your friend on Monday will prove expectations and set the positive mood for next week.

Plan to go somewhere after work.
Plan something interesting after work next Monday, go to the cinema to watch the new film, meet a friend, visit the new exhibition, so, create additional expectations for Monday and it will not be only the beginning of the week for you.
If you will consider these councils, you will begin the week highly motivated, you will see bigger results of your work at the end of the week, and it will be the basis of development and prosperity of your further career.

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