Saturday, October 1, 2016

The role of LinkedIn in a career

     LinkedIn is very important for our career life, maybe it is the best social network (if it’s possible to call it social network), but LinkedIn helps us to get the information about vacancies, to introduce ourselves to a potential employer, to find interesting candidates, establish business relationships, find new contacts and etc. We can become the followers of interesting companies and receive the news from them. LinkedIn allows us to become a lot of professional’s followers ( if the person is interesting to you, for example, Guy Kawasaki) and figure out what news are they offering, as well as will receive information about their new books and articles.

     Today, when a lot of things are carried out electronically, the profile on LinkedIn is the most significant way to find the job. LinkedIn allows us to introduce our experience and professional skills to the employers of Georgian and foreign companies, headhunters and people who may have a lot of business propositions for us.
     In this article we will speak about LinkedIn, as one of the best ways of employment.
Why should we have the fulfilled profile on LinkedIn?
1. LinkedIn is the best professional network, to introduce our skills rightly.
2. It stays the best way of finding a job in the world.
3. Allows us to get information such kind of jobs, which couldn’t be searched on Web pages.
4. Gives us the opportunity to contact with potential employers.
5. We can come together to exchange news and information in professional groups.
What should we consider while creating a LinkedIn account:
1. Our profile (as well as first and last names) is preferable to be in English, as any person (Georgian and non-Georgian) will have the opportunity to read information about us.
2. We should mention our name and surname fully (the name shouldn’t be “pet name”)
3. Preferably to write general information about us in some sentences (summary), what is our strong point, what are our professional skills and our interests.
4. Information about our work experience we should sort from the latest till the first sequence.
5. It will be better to mention our duties and what we were doing while working for any company. List should not be very long, maximum 3-5 sentences.
6. We should mention information about education. In the list of trainings there should be only the most important ones.
7. If you decided to upload a photo, it must be an official and serious image, such as we have on our ID cards. The photo taken in informal situation would make the wrong impression about us.
8. In the contact information we should mention the kind of data, which we would like to contact us. This will be the e-mail address, Skype ID or mobile number. Don’t worry, the unexpected calls or messages won’t bother you. Our contact information will be shown to only those whose friend request we will accept.
9. We can come together in interesting groups and become the followers of interesting companies.
10. We can download LinkedIn mobile app, to have constantly updated information, see the messages on time and hear the interesting information.
      Since we will create the profile, it is desirable to find yourself and see how our names and surnames are searching and how the information about us appears to others. LinkedIn is one of the first pages, which displays the search results in Google, if someone will try to find us by our full names. If we would full our profile information, it would be one of the first results of the research that raises our chances because our potential employer will first of all connect us and then the other candidates.
      Just creating an account is not enough. We should add our colleagues, former colleagues and interesting people for us from the professional side in our contacts. The more wide account we have, the more actively it will appear in the results of the research. It is necessary not to forget to update the information. If you will attend the new interesting training, or you will have a change in career, you should promptly update the information on your profile. Definitely need to pay attention on the contact adding requests, so we could never overlook the interesting information.
Wish you a good luck!

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